Bed Bug Treatment

Integrity Pest Management is extremely effective at eliminating bedbugs, because we have the experience, the knowledge and expertise to succeed. We receive and respond to calls weekly, so we have become very skilled at solving bed bug problems, where others routinely fail. References are available upon request, make sure you’re getting the best service at a fair price. IPM always goes the extra mile to solve bed bug infestations. Bedbugs are hitch hikers and can find their way into your living space through many different avenues, such as:

• Used clothing
• Used furniture
• Visitors
• Staying at hotels/motels
• Visiting other infested locations

Your bed bug 'need-to-know'

Bed bugs commonly are found in mattresses, box springs, bureaus, electrical outlets, behind mirror/picture frames, upholstered furniture, behind base boards and many other areas. They can fit into very small openings (1mm) and this makes it very easy for them to find harborage sites. The first thing to consider once you have identified bed bugs as a pest in your home, is to put your mattress and box spring into a bed bug certified encasement or discard them. Bedbugs have been reported to live up to nine months without a blood meal, so if you buy cheap encasements and they rip, you are likely to become re-infested.

What to look for

• Bed Bugs are small, flat, Brownish insects that commonly feed on the blood ofhumans.
• Adult bed bugs are about ¼ inch long when fully matured.
• Bed bug nymphs are much smaller and normally colorless before their first blood meal.
• Eggs of bed bugs are white and approximately 1mm.
• They have 5 nymphal stages before they become adults, each stage requiring a blood meal to advance the development onto the next nymphal stage.
• They feed on humans primarily and will feed many times during their lives.
• They are likely to bite at night when their host is asleep.
• Their bites are difficult to detect since the bite is painless.
• They do carry disease, but have not been linked as vectors.

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